Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Tooth Colored Composite Filling

Composite FillingA composite filling is a material used to fill a tooth that has decay.  When a tooth suffers from a small cavity (decay), it often requires a filling to restore the tooth to its natural function. Dr. Mullenaux cleans out the decay and then fills that space with a tooth colored filling material called composite.

Did you know if cavities are not caught at the early stages it can increase in size and cause issues with the tooth or surrounding tissues? Dr. Mullenaux and his team are always thorough when reviewing x-rays. They make it a top priority to catch decay in the early stages in order to save your natural teeth. Preventative dentistry and hygiene cleaning are extremely important to catch cavities early and prevent further damage.


The team at Queen Creek Dental are comprised of super friendly, competent and efficient professionals. Dr. Mullenaux is very personable and always takes a few minutes to catch up with his patients despite how busy the office is. I no longer dread my dental visits thanks to the team at QCD.
— Shantell A.   (Patient since 2015) May 5, 2018

Outstanding service! Highly competent staff, state of the art equipment, fair pricing. Highly recommend!
— Kelly L.   (Patient since 2017) May 15, 2018

This is the best dental office in the area. The office staff is terrific. Dr. Daniel Mullenaux spent time with me and listened to a what I wanted and I got exactly what I said I wanted. He is great. and I got exactly what I asked for. All the people in the office know how to smile.
-Marilyn B. (Patient since 2018)  May 16, 2018